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House Of Gord - Trouble At The House Of Gord DVDRip

by on January 20th, 2012

At the House of Gord, ultra bondage isn’t just an activity…it’s a decorating scheme! Bound women festoon the halls of the House of Gord and the action never stops. Trouble at the House of Gord…bondage mayhem with a twist! Part 1 of the S.B.I. Trilogy, Trouble at the House of Gord, involves some of Gord’s most extreme bondage! Gord and Lady Serena enjoy an evening of bizarre bondage debauchery, amidst their human furniture suite and reminiscing about their fateful meeting during a Special Bureau of Investigations sting operation. Everyone’s evening is interrupted when a burglar appears on the estate’s security monitors. Karl, head of security, captures a very sexy redhead with a shapely figure. A quick call to a bent cop confirms Miss Celia Minton’s got a record longer than a bullwhip and is facing life in prison as a 3-strike offender. Lady Serena, anxious to achieve the month’s quota for new slave girls, jumps at the chance to add another beauty to Gord’s ever-growing stable of women. Unfortunately for the Gords, Celia ends up having a bit more fortitude than one might expect…leading to a world of trouble at the House of Gord!

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